The Results
Jim walked over to Pams desk he felt bad their prank got her to stay late when she was already tired*

Am really sorryyou had to stay late.

He could tell she was really tired*

The Missing Bobblehead
Jim had a big smile he took Dwights bobblehead and put it in Pams desk. Dwight will never find out.

He looked over at pam and smiled.

Dwight came in and sat down.

Jim held back laughs.

Michaels Game
Michael said he had something to say. This was never good Jim looked up. He saw michael giggling with glee.
 This was bad.

Who : Jim, Pam Status : Open Subject : Talking Where : Pams desk
*Jim makes his way over to Pams desk after Michael tells everyone the dundies will be taking place this year. As He was walking over Pam smiled at  him. He couldn't help to think she was cute. He blushed. He cover his mouth acting like he was yawning so she wouldn't see.*

*He smiled*

What do you think of that? The dundies.

The Office Rp you in

If you're interested in joining this RP, please fill out this application and leave it as a comment below. I'm not really looking for grammer or spelling (though those things are nice). I'm looking for people who can be very true to the character! We will start on season 2.

Name: Your name.
Character Name: Character/s that you are interested in playing. (am jim)

Time: Be honest here, too, please. I need to know how much involvement you are going to put into this because if all the players are pretty involved, it's more enjoyable for everyone. If we have only 1 or 2 really involved people than things will die out quickly. If you still want to apply but don't have a lot of time, consider applying for characters who are not (in the show) major players (I only recommend this for players who want to be part of the RP but don't feel that they can be very involved).

Thank you for applying and being interested! I will get back to you ASAP if you apply! If you have any questions, direct them to me in a comment (you don't have to apply to ask questions).


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